Deluxe Soy Candles - Black Small

Deluxe Soy Candles - Black Small

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Our new flagship range is set to change the game. The "Deluxe Issue" line embodies style with it's sleek finish and rounded bottom. Featuring our premium double wood wick, these new range of candles are of the highest quality.

These Jars utilise a hand mould production process rather than blown or machine automation - this ensures that these are stronger, safer and have greater heat resistance than others on the market.

Our Beautiful Infused Soy Wax Candles. 100% Natural.

Hand poured, curated and tested in small batches, allowing for us to add our premium fragrant oils to each candle. This allows us to preserve the fragrance in each candle, guaranteed to last throughout the whole burn.

Like our Tee's, we create our candles with the highest quality materials (soy wax). Our choice of wax results in a deep and clean burn pool which has an exceptional scent output. Burn time for our candles is approximately 30+ hours.

We know you will love our gorgeous, thought out candle holders. Once your candle has finished burning, clean the remaining wax and reuse the holder as a planter or anything of your choice or Drop it off to us as we will refill it for you! (You will get $6 off the price of a candle!)

Colour: Gloss Black

Dimensions: 8.7cm(W) x 10cm(H)

Wax Qty: Approx. 200g
Glass Weight: 300g

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